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Monday, April 26, 2010

More Pictures from Whitehorse

Nicole's baptism day, January 9, 2010. Elder Squires, Elder Smout, Nicole, Elder Stephens.

Elder Squires and Elder Stephens.

This is the vehicle Mat has been driving in Whitehorse--Chevy Silverado, which is what he was driving at home. He's lovin' it.

Bro. McDonald's band--Elder Stephens on keyboard and Bro. McDonald on guitar.

And Mat on the drums! Sweet.

On the way to Juneau for Zone Conference. They drove to Skagway and flew to Juneau.

Mat had a pretty exciting flight on this little plane, trying to stay ahead of bad weather.

Zone Conference. Need I say more?


This is the LDS meeting house in Skagway. I received an email from Sister Stephanie Brown in Whitehorse and she gave me this information about this meeting house, "The meeting house in Skagway seats about 200 and the Branch President remembers that in the dedication of that building it was said the day would come that the building would be filled to overflowing and he didn't believe he would see the day. The day it happened he cried...in the winter there are 12 members and no missionaries but in the summer when the tourists arrive on the cruise ships the missionaries are sent in and all the LDS students who work for Holland America and other tour companies come there to work, the branch explodes and they are filled to overflowing every Sunday." I love this Church!

Mat's apartment in Whitehorse. Gotta love the cheerful wall color.

Well, did you?