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Monday, April 19, 2010

Every Day is an Adventure in the Yukon!

Hey Mom,

So I heard from you and Eric about his mission call! That's so awesome! I'm so glad he's going on a mission. It's going to be a huge foundation for him. He said you text him and that you all have kept an eye on him for me. Thanks for being there for him and helping him so much along the way. To look back from where he was a few years ago to where he is now is just incredible. That's what the gospel does: changes people.

It's been a great week! Things have definitely slowed a little since the baptisms last week, but we are always working hard to stay focused and keep the work moving. Last week we spent some time getting a senior couple's belongings from the wreckage of their car. They crashed pretty bad last week in the Yukon on the way home from their mission, but they are doing ok. Their car was brought here to Whitehorse, and they were flown to the states. We picked up all of their stuff and took it to our apartment, and tomorrow night for the Young Men's activity we are going to box up all of it so we can ship it down to the States.

We also had our Zone Conference on Thursday. It's definitely not as cool doing it over the phone as it was when we got to take the journey to Juneau and see all the missionaries there from out in the bush. I can't complain though. I've had some experiences and journeys most people don't ever get to take. Time is really flying. There is just so much to do all of the time. Elder Stephens and I taught two investigators last night that are struggling with the Word of Wisdom. We taught them about making changes in our lives and how the gospel is here so that people can make changes in order to receive blessings. It was a great lesson, and they have been making great steps in coming closer to the waters of baptism. I love serving in Whitehorse because everyday something happens that you wouldn't expect! The members here are awesome, and I've been having great teaching opportunities. Everyday is an adventure in the Yukon!

Love Mat