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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Hockey Stick is Not a Golf Club

Well this week has been really busy getting everything planned for the baptism on Saturday, and getting everything taught to Holly before the baptism. It'll be another busy week making sure everything goes smoothly and we have everything ready for Saturday. So funny story: On Tuesday we had a combined young men's vs. Melchezidek priesthood activity playing floor hockey, and then a little football. We played floor hockey most of the time. Christopher Thompson (our investigator) and his dad came to play with us. They both play hockey in leagues. It was getting pretty intense as all church sports do, and so naturally I was trying to dominate the other team. After playing for only a few minutes I flung a really hard snap shot at the other team's goal, which was being guarded by one of the counselor's in the branch presidency. Apparently using golf techniques is too intense for hockey, because the ball went too high and nailed the guy right in the nose. I intentionally hit the ball really really hard, but I didn't intentionally hit him in the face. His nose was bleeding on the outside and his glasses flew off, and I felt really bad and apologized. In the midst of all this commotion I would just like to add that it was a perfectly aimed, straight shot. He got mad and left, and we all laughed about it afterwards, and he did too. He was just a little frustrated that he didn't react fast enough. People agree that I was lucky that his nose didn't break. So I learned a couple things from this experience. First I learned that combining golf and hockey techniques is pretty explosive (If you don't believe me, just watch Happy Gilmore), and second, I learned that you should probably not shoot as hard as you can when the goalie isn't wearing any protection. It was pretty hilarious. We've all had a lot of laughs from it. Anyways, the rest of the week was good and not as violent.

Holly and Chirstopher are both doing awesome, and will be baptized this Saturday. I'm really excited for it. I will be performing both of those baptisms. I'm very blessed and grateful that I will have the opportunity to participate in that. General Conference was great. I thought it was an awesome two days. Some of the people we've been teaching came out and watched, and some even got a little teary-eyed. It's a good break from the normal Sunday, especially in a small branch where a lot of the same people give talks frequently. So this week we started teaching an East Indian couple. They are Seik(?). We took a member with us that converted from Hinduism and speaks Punjabi. He helped translate when they didn't understand what we were saying. It's pretty interesting teaching someone who's beliefs are so different. Well, I'm excited for this week, and I'm really excited for this weekend when Holly and Christopher get baptized.

Love Mat