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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Lord Answers Prayers

This past week was a very difficult and very rewarding week. Elder Bunch and I have been working our tails off trying to find the elect, and it has just been difficult to do so. We've tracted quite a bit, and have talked with many members to try and find the elect here in the Badger Road area. We had taught fewer lessons during the week than ever before. I knew that the Lord would guide us, but inwardly I was getting a little frustrated. I just didn't let Elder Bunch see that. Yesterday, our lessons had all fallen through, as they had all week. We had some tracting planned in the afternoon, but I didn't feel like that was what was needed at that time. We stopped and called some people, thought about our options, and then decided we'd better tract. As I was trying to find a place to park our truck, a name of a part-member family came into my head that we had talked to before, but hadn't seen in awhile. I told Elder Bunch we were going to see them (they lived just a couple of minutes away). A couple of weeks ago we ran into the member's mom at the post office, and she told us to see them. When we did, they weren't that excited to see us, but when Elder Bunch and I went back this time, they were really excited, and invited us right in. The member-husband told us that his non-member wife had lots of questions, and he didn't know how to answer them. He had tried to look for our phone number we left last time, but couldn't find it. They were just talking about calling us a few minutes before we showed up. They were a little busy, so he asked if we could come back in a few hours. Obviously we said yes, and we went back that evening and taught his wife the first lesson. She really wants to come to church, and their nine year-old son is interested in getting baptized.

The lesson from this story is 1) the Lord is aware of His children and answers their prayers, and 2) Many times we have to work as hard as we can to our limit's end before we see the Lord's blessings. Sometimes I think that part is a sick joke, but I know it's a trial of faith and a character builiding experience. Anyway, general conference was great, and we spent a few sessions at member's houses, and one session at the church. Priesthood session was great, and I got to see a lot of the YSA members I knew when I served in Fairbanks. The general authorities are called of God, and this church is true. The Spirit witnessed that to me very strongly these past few days. We have a prophet on the earth, and the Lord is guiding His church through him.

Love Elder Squires