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Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Is Well in Paradise

Well- it has been a great week, a fast week, and is now the beginning of my last transfer in Alaska and on my mission. Transfers are today, and Elder Bunch and I are both staying put-a pretty obvious one this time.

I'm not even sure where to begin with what happened last week, and everything that's going through my head right now. All I know is that this past transfer was awesome! It has been great starting a new area and a new ward, and getting to know so many great people. It's been a challenge for sure though. Elder Bunch has his first transfer under his belt, and he is doing great. He keeps getting better and better each day. This last week we found a couple more people to teach, and we even have someone on date to be baptized! He is a nine year-old boy, and he is really on the ball. We are teaching his mom as well, but she is not quite ready to accept the commitment to be baptized yet. They are the family I wrote about last week that we felt impressed to see and started teaching.

Elder Bunch and I have been tracting and finding like crazy. We've placed A LOT of Book of Mormon's, at least more than I've ever placed before. We just ordered out third 30 pound box of them from the mission office. Yesterday we did not have a dinner, and decided to tract instead of take an hour break. We knocked on just a handful of doors, and have three solid teaching appointments set up. The Lord is blessing this work in this area greatly! We've also had a lot of really funny tracting experiences, and have met a lot of angry people. We've even starting keeping a log in our area book of places to not visit for future missionaries so they don't have to risk getting yelled at, or worse.

Well, all is well in paradise, I mean Alaska. Everyone have a great week!

Love Elder Squires