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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still Going Strong in Whitehorse

Hey Mom,

That's so cool about Eric going through the temple! He emailed me last week and said he would be going through. Eric is going to be a great missionary, and I'm really glad that he went to BYU where he could stay strong and prepare for his mission. He will have a great time.

Well this was the first week of my fifth transfer in Whitehorse. I can't believe that I'm still here! I've been working on my visa application all week, and I was able to do it all online with permission from President Dance. I checked how long it would take today, and it said it would probably take about 50 or 60 days for the government to process it, so by the time they let me know if I can stay or not, I'll probably be gone anyway! Until it's been processed, I have implied status in Canada so I can stay here until they make a decision.

I had the awesome experience this week of conducting my first baptismal interview as a new district leader. The elders in Haines had a baptism on Saturday. A little 9 year old was baptized, and I got to interview him on Saturday before the baptism. It was a great experience to interview someone, and have that feeling come that you know they are ready to be baptized.
Well, we are still teaching Kaitlin, the lady getting baptized on June 5, but her husband backed out and doesn't want to do it anymore. We were pretty sad, but we are just happy that Kaitlin still wants to pursue it, and that she still has the support from her husband. Things are going great here in Whitehorse, and I hope life is going great for all of you!

Love Mat