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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi Virginia!

Hola Madre,

Well it's been an interesting week as always here in Whitehorse. First of all, today has been kind of a mess because there is a water leak in our shared laundry room, so we had to call the landlord and get the water cleaned up and shut off. It's a good thing it's a concrete floor in there. After emailing we have to run back to our apartment to let the plumber in, and hopefully he can get everything fixed up quick. It should be an easy fix because the pipes aren't covered by anything, and it's only leaking at one spot.

The past week went by really fast. We had a good week teaching investigators and some members. Something really cool happened this week though. Holly Thompson told us the other day that her sister, Virginia, was interested in learning about what we believe. We were pretty excited to hear that. Virginia helped cook our American Thanksgiving dinner when I first got into Whitehorse, and she's cooked for us a few times since then. She helped cook a birthday dinner for me last Tuesday, and it was really fun. Holly set up a time for us to teach her, and we taught her on Thursday about the Restoration of the gospel. We comitted her to read the 32 chapter from Alma, and she said that she would read the entire book of Alma over the weekend. We had no problem with that. It was funny because after the discussion, she told me that she had spent an entire afternoon reading through every email on my blog from the first year of my mission! I thought that was pretty funny. She told me she particularly like the entry about my "van ride from Hell" if that's how I put it. She said she liked the pictures too. And I wouldn't doubt if she's reading this email right now, so hi Virginia! Hope you don't mind I'm telling everyone about you!

This weekend was a long weekend in Canada because today is Victoria Day, or basically their version of Memorial Day. Saturday was a pretty slow day because nobody was home and the city was empty. Today will be a fun day though because we are going to go jam again with Bro. McDonald. It's been awhile. Zone Conference is this week, so I will have some good stuff to report on about that next week. Hope everyone is doing great!

Love Mat