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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Staying in Whitehorse for another Tansfer

Hey Mom,

This week was full of suprises! First of all, I get to stay in Whitehorse another transfer so I'm excited! I had a feeling I would, and I hoped that I would. Usually the regular stay for a missionary in Whitehorse is 6 months because our visitor's visas are good for 6 months, but I've been here for 6 months already, so today I have to apply for an extension through an immigration and customs website. When I called the border yesterday, they told me I would have to leave the country for at least one month before I could return, and I tried to explain to them that that wasn't really possible, but they didn't do anything for me, so I talked to a lady here that called people that work for customs, and they found out about the online application, so hopefully everything works out! I figured I might leave since my 6 months were up, so I said bye to a few people early, so they will be surprised to still see me here.

Well, the work is going awesome in Whitehorse right now. This week Elder Stephens and I started teaching the husband of one of our investigators, and he has already committed to be baptized with her on the fifth of June. We are really excited, and really blessed. Hopefully we can help them prepare fully so that they are ready for their baptisms. I'm really glad I will be here to see their baptisms. They have one little girl, and the both of them getting baptized will make a huge difference in that girl's life. Mother's Day was great, and I was happy to get to call home. I was asked to speak in Sacrament meeting, and I thought it was funny because my farewell talk was last Mother's Day, so two years in a row. Things are going great here, and I hope things are going great for all of you!

Love Mat

Mom's Note: We had an awesome phone call from Mat on Mother's Day. He sounds happy and is doing a great work. In a separate email he sent me today he said that he got a call from President Dance yesterday, and has been called to be a District Leader. He has the Haines and Skagway Elders in his District. We are so proud of him! Mat reaches his year mark on May 20!