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Monday, March 8, 2010

Ten Investigators

Hola Madre,

It's been a great week, and Elder Stephens and I have had some awesome experiences due to what we learned at Zone Conference last week. Nicole's brother is supposed to be getting baptized on March 20, and we hope all will go well in preparing him for that. We're teaching her mom now too, and I know that soon she will also be baptized. I just hope I can be here to see it. Elder Stephens and I have been working really hard to get this area moving and progressing, and right now we have ten investigators! That's the most I've ever had in my mission so far. Awesome things have been happening here in Whitehorse.

So On Saturday night I got to see the Northern Lights for the first time!! It was awesome! Everyone says that this year has been the worst year for northern lights they have ever seen, but they finally came out. One of the members here lives out in the forest basically, and he gave us a call one night and said they were out. It was awesome because they usually come out really late when they do come out, but it was pretty early, so we got to see them. We drove out of town to get away from the city lights, and we watched them. They weren't too bright at first, but then they lit up and started dancing around the sky with green and yellow colors. It was amazing to see. At one point in the "show" the lights looked like a bunch of spirits lined up at the gates of heaven and there was a bright point at the end like it was Christ welcoming them in. It probably sounds weird to you, but Elder Stephens and I both thought the same thing. It was cool. Well, this has been a great week, and I hope you are all doing well!!!

Love Mat