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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Great Week

So it's been an incredibly fast week in Whitehorse. A lot has happened this past week. We jammed again with Bro. Mcdonald on Monday, and we've decided we're going to try and make a CD of the songs we've been playing. We'll be working on that today. They're all church songs so don't worry. It's been fun working on them.

We've been having some great experiences with our investigators here. On Thursday we taught a guy named Robert. We told him he needed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon, so he got an audio book of the Book of Mormon on line and put it on his ipod. He listened to over half of the book while following along with the book in his hands. He had written out four pages of notes and questions, and we had a great lesson. He's noticed that he's "hard hearted" (he's already getting down the book of Mormon lingo haha), and I think he's realizing the importance of our message. Nicole's brother and mom are doing awesome, and they will both be baptized next month. We're looking forward to that! This will be the first time on my mission that I will have been able to see the entire process of the investigator starting to take the lessons to being baptized. We also started teaching a hindu couple, and it's great because the second counselor in the branch presidency is a converted hindu so he will help us teach and translate.

Great things are happening here, and I'm loving every day. Well, sorry for the short one today, but I will have more to report on next week!