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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Very Good Week

Elder Bunch and I had some great experiences this week. Besides it continuing to get warmer, we were very blessed with more people to teach, and very spiritual experiences. On Wednesday we tracted into a 90 year old man named Hardy. He let us right in, and after offering to delight us with some hot beans, we got talking about the church. He mentioned a member's name, and I thought that maybe he was a member that we just hadn't met yet, but he said he was not a member. Then he told us that he has wanted to be a member for a long time. We taught him the first lesson, and let him tell us some life stories, and we left. We taught him again later in the week, and hopefully we can prepare him for baptism. We invited him to do so, but with his health he is not sure. We will help as much as we can!

This week we also contacted a man that we tracted into over a month ago. He told us to stop by in a month, and we gave him a Book of Mormon. When we contacted him this week, he was very interested in coming to church and learning, and had already read over half of the Book of Mormon. We also taught a lesson to our 11 year old investigator on his trampoline and jumped around after. This week was a blast!

Love Elder Squires