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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Coming Home

Mat's plane arrived in Las Vegas this morning at 8:55 a.m.  It was so exciting to watch him coming down the escalator and we were all emotional.  He was released at 10:15 a.m. by President David Day, a counselor in our stake presidency.  What a wonderful experience it was to hear our son describe his experience and love for his mission to a priesthood leader.

Mat looks great!  We all had a few tears of happiness at being reunited as a family.  If I could describe how it feels to see my son again after his completing a successful two year mission I would use the words joy, relief, pride but even that doesn't do it justice.

Mat with his three siblings:  Daniel, Ryan and Valerie.  Mat met his nephew Ty, who was born a few months after Mat left on his mission.  Brother-in-law Tyler couldn't be there with us today, but we will see him this weekend.

Gotta love the Vegas airport.

Walking to the baggage claim.  We are all excited to get home and relax and talk about Mat's experience.

I don't know why Mat made this funny expression.  It's quite an amazing thing to go from being a missionary 24/7 for two years and then in a snap it's over and you're back to living in the world--but not "of it."  Mat's mission to Alaska will be part of his life forever.  "Well done thou good and faithful son!"