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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dogs and Guns and Boonies

So I'm serving in North Pole where it's Christmas all year round. I think I sent home pictures awhile ago of me and Elder Piiparinen in Santa's sleigh. I live down the road from there basically. On Tuesday we had our big transfer day, and I was officially released from being an assistant. The Lord has sent me and a new missionary to open a brand new ward in North Pole. I'm now serving as a district leader and trainer for this last bit of time.

At about 4:30PM after transfers on Tuesday, Elder Bunch (my new companion), another new missionary, and myself took the journey from Eagle River to Fairbanks, and then North Pole. We got in to North Pole around midnight, and slept over at another missionaries' apartment. The next morning we went in search of our apartment and when we found it we opened the door and it was completely bare. We've been relying on members a lot lately, and they have been helping us get the furniture and food that we need to get by. They have been extremely generous and helpful.

My companion, Elder Bunch, is really excited to be out here. He is from Salt Lake City, and has been in Alaska for less than one week. We've been spending most of our time these past few days either tracting or trying to get to know the leadership of the ward. When we got here, only the bishop, his counselors, and the secretary and clerk were called. No one else in the ward had callings, because it is all brand new! Yesterday was the first meeting of the Badger Road Ward. MANY callings were extended, and the stake presidency was there to see over the process. I knew the stake president from before, and it was fun to see him again and talk with him. The ward here is just getting on its feet, but so are we as missionaries. We finally got an official roster of who is in the ward yesterday, and so we will be working hard to get to know everyone and build Heavenly Father's kingdom.

It is great to be here in North Pole and to witness and take part in the growth of the church. There's more to write but not enough time to do it, so I'll have to leave it at that. I'll just add that North Pole has a lot more dogs and guns and boonies than my other areas. It keeps us on our toes!

Love Elder Squires

Mat and Elder Piiparinen on a side trip to North Pole while serving in Fairbanks last year.  This picture does appear in a previous post.