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Monday, February 14, 2011

Zone Conference in Juneau

Hello everyone. It's already the middle of February and so much has happened this year. This past week was great. Eder Piiparinen and I spent a couple of days in Juneau for zone conference. I always love visiting Juneau. It is a beautiful place. Everyone came in for zone conference, like I did when I was in Whitehorse and got the privilege of going to Juneau. It was a blast to be there.

Now back in Anchorage, there is lots of work to do, and Elder Piiparinen and I teach as much as we can with the time that we have. Eloy was not baptized on Saturday. We are working some things out with him right now, and hopefully we will see his baptism in the near future. Other than Eloy, we have a few more great investigators that we are working with. Last Sunday we went tracting during the Super Bowl, and had some pretty good success, even though we thought most people would be angry that we interrupted their game time. Last night we tried to contact some people and we were having a tough time with it being the night before Valentines. Everyone was getting their celebrations in before the week started. Now that all of that is over this week should go well! I hope everyone is doing great!

Love Elder Squires