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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Very Special Phone Call

Report from Mat's Mom:  Last night we received a phone call from President Dance, Mat's mission president.  He called to tell us what a wonderful missionary Mat is and that he has served well as an AP these past four months.  He said so many nice things about Mat and we were very happy and grateful to hear from him.  President Dance told us that Mat is being transferred tomorrow and that he will be training a new missionary.  The new missionaries arrive today and Mat will be helping with the process of assignments.  We may not get an email from him today.  We are very anxious and excited to find out who his new companion is and where they will be serving.    Mat had a feeling that he would be transferred this week and would be given the assignment as a trainer as President Dance likes to send his AP's back into the field as trainers during their last one or two transfers.  What a blessing for the new missionary to have Mat as his trainer.  We are so proud of the exemplary way in which Mat has served during his entire mission and we are grateful that he will have this new experience.  We are also grateful to President and Sister Dance.  Mat loves them so much and it has been a great blessing for Mat to serve with them.