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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cool Finding Experience

Hey Everyone. It's been a great week, and a warm one too. I think it got up to 45 F the other day. It was sweet! Now it's dropped again, but it was a good little break from the cold. This week Elder Kerecman and I worked hard to find and teach, and we had some great success. We've been able to see some great missionaries this week with a few meetings that we had. Church yesterday was awesome. More investigators attended than we've ever seen here in the Campbell Park Ward in the past few months.

We also had a really cool finding experience yesterday. We had talked to a woman at her apartment complex the other day, and she said we could come back a couple of days later. When we went back yesterday, her brother was at the door, and he was really excited to see us. He said he knew some great LDS members, and thought the world of them, and that he's been wanting to attend the Mormon church for years. He also said he wanted to get his hair cut and a nice suit on so he could come looking sharp. I almost thought I heard a chorus of angels singing hallelujah in the background haha. Anyway, the work is going great. We'll be spending much of this week with President Dance so not quite as much proselyting will be able to take place, but we will work hard with the time that we have. Have a great week!
Love Elder Squires