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Monday, November 15, 2010

Snowy and White

Well, Alaska is awesome. Anchorage is all snowy and white. There have been a ton of car wrecks. A lot of people slide into ditches on the sides of the roads. It's funny because Alaska drivers always criticize out of state drivers for not knowing how to drive in snow, but they're the ones that always drive off the road!

So this week was great. Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy came to reorganize the Anchorage North Stake Presidency. We had the privilege of hearing him speak in Stake Conference, and then he had a fireside later that night, and he shook hands with me as I was catching up with Elder Piiparinen afterwards. He taught so simply and powerfully. We sang a special musical number at the beginning of the fireside, and Sister Dance had me sing a duet with a missionary that has a great voice. I don't sound anything like him but it was fun.

Elder Kerecman and I are having a blast serving together and working in the Campbell Park ward. We are working with some great investigators. We haven't had a ton of time to work in our area so far, but the time we have had has been great and full of success. Today we are moving into a new apartment, so that will take up a good part of the day. Well, I hope you are all doing great!

Love Elder Squires