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Monday, February 22, 2010

Jam Night

Hey Mom,

That's pretty funny that you ran into the guy who's coming to train us in Juneau. I'm pretty excited to go. They still haven't told us how we're getting there, and it's only one week away! I imagine we'll drive to Skagway and ferry to Juneau because international flights are extremely expensive, and probably not as safe.

I had a great week. It's been extremely warm this week (until yesterday and today). It's been right around 0 degrees all week, so we've had a good break from the cold. Today it was almost 20 below when we woke up though, so maybe the warm streak is over. I guess just an update for Whitehorse--this last week the Yukon quest (kind of like the Iditarod) dogsled race just ended in Whitehorse. It went from Fairbanks to Whitehorse, and I think all of the mushers are in now. This week is some kind of Rendezvous celebration and so there will be lots of people out and about doing fun stuff. I heard they're having an ice sculpting station, and pros come in and do some insanely good carvings. Well, Christopher Thompson keeps getting closer and closer to baptism. Hopefully soon he will be ready. We are helping him as much as we can. We did a lot this week to prepare for our "jam night" the branch organized. It was an awesome activity. We had a bunch of investigators there. Elder Stephens (keyboard and vocals) and I (drums and vocals-believe it or not) had put together some songs with Bro. McDonald (guitar and vocals) and Bro. Wallace (bass). We had 6 church songs that we had arranged and made from hymns into more upbeat songs. It was really fun. They actually sounded really good, and everyone liked them a lot. We made a really awesome instrumental arrangement of "If You could Hie to Kolob" that was a hit, and also played a song called "How Can I Be" that everyone loved. There were also some nonmembers that played some music, and it went really well. That's what Elder Stephens and I do every P-day. We go to Bro. McDonald's house and arrange church music into 4-piece band versions. We weren't sure how good it would go since we are limited as to the kind of music we can play, but it's been a great activity.

So yesterday in the evening Elder Stephens and I went tracting, and tried to contact some people, but it wasn't effective because everyone was watching the Canada vs. USA hockey game in the Olympics. I know I already told you all this, but hockey is HUGE in Canada. You probably all watched the game, but I'm really glad that the US won. It will be fun to rub it in here to the members and our investigators. Well, I can't belive I've been in Whithorse so long. It's been great. I've been having some amazing spiritual experiences, and I've learned a ton. Tonight we will be teaching Karen again. She is an awesome investigator, and is so close to the Spirit. I hope you all have a great week!
Love Mat