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Monday, February 1, 2010

Short email, good week

Hey Mom,

That's pretty cool that the lady found my blog. When her son comes out I'll still be in Whitehorse for over a month. Can you belive I've been here for over 2 months? Well I'm not sure what he should bring. It really all depends on where he serves. If he was going to Valdez I would tell him to pack a good rain jacket. He should probably pack a few short sleeve shirts too. Even though it's Alaska you get used to the cold and it can get really warm in the summer. He should probably pack some washable slacks too besides his suits so he doesn't have to dry clean them when he needs them washed, and plus a lot of little towns here don't have dry cleaners.

That's cool that you and Dad got to see a little bit of Whitehorse on TV. It's really small so if they were walking through the city you can bet I've walked or drove where they were. It's an awesome place. You get attached easily to Whitehorse. We had a pretty good week. We've been working really hard to help the work progress here. We taught Nicole's little brother Chris a few times this week, and he's doing really well. He's a good kid. He came to all of church yesterday, and enjoyed sitting in priesthood. Karen and Cecil are doing awesome, and they are loving church and the gospel. We are a little bummed because yesterday at church Cecil told us that he would be leaving for three months on Tuesday for work. We were hoping they could be baptized soon. We are going to see them tonight before he leaves, and I'm sure we will have a great lesson. We're excited for the blessings they will have in the future.

We are going to be having a talent show for the branch this month, and both me and Elder Stephens are planning on doing something for it. We have some church songs we play with a member here on the guitar keyboard and drums so that will be fun. The talent show is going to be a good activity for the branch, and hopefully for our investigators too. Well, that's about it for this week. There's been a lot of great things that have happened here, and I'm looking forward to the time I have left here to keep trying to build the kingdom. I love the opportunity I have here to build relationships and help people come closer to the Savior.

Love Mat