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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's Freezing Outside, But it's Not Even Cold

This week was jam-packed and there's lots to write, but not very much time, so I'll cram it into a few words. First of all, Elder Fenton and I walked outside today in our suits and didn't even realize how cold it was. It was only 20 F this morning and we were driving in the truck without any heat on or anything. We just laughed about it and thought it was weird how 20 degrees isn't even cold anymore.

Well, Zone Conference with Elder Pieper was amazing. We had the tables in a U shape, and he just walked around to all of us while he trained us. I learned so much, and I wrote as fast as I could trying to write down everything he was saying. The thing that got me the most though was his eyes. Whenever he looked at you his eyes were light and penetrated you to the core. He's definitely been called of God to be a Seventy. That night we had a fireside with members and investigators, and it was really exciting because Holly and Nicole Thompson drove up from Whitehorse on a little trip and came to the fireside. It was so cool to see them again after so long. We also had dinner with them the night before. It was also cool because both me and Elder Fenton know them and served around them.

We also had a baptism this weekend. Jung Tak was baptized, and I had the great opportunity to perform that baptism. The next day, Elder Fenton confirmed her a member of the church and bestowed the gift of the Holy Ghost. It has been great serving here, and I'm excited so see what the future brings. This week we fly to Anchorage for a Leadership Training Meeting and Zone Leader Council for a couple of days. It will be another fun trip. Well, I'll update you on all of that next week. Hope all is well.

Love Elder Squires