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Monday, September 20, 2010

Carrying on the Work

It's been an eventful week and we've been very busy. I love being busy. On Monday last week we just had a normal day and taught a few lessons, and then our P-Day was on Tuesday. I hung out with a couple other missionaries while I waited for Elder Fenton to get here. All the missionaries new to the zone got in around 11 PM. We picked them up and headed to our areas. Elder Fenton and I have been doing great this last week. He's from North Carolina and was in Helaman Halls at BYU the same time I was, but we never knew each other there. We talk about Whitehorse a lot since be both served there.

We've been carrying on the work here and helping our investigators prepare for baptism. Jung will be baptized on Saturday so we're really looking forward to that. She's asked me to do that so that will be a great experience. We don't always see the immediate results of our efforts, but lately in this area we have been able to see the fruits of our labors. It's awesome to be able to see people take upon themselves the covenant of baptism and start this awesome journey. We've been having great success here, and I'm still having a blast serving in YSA. Lately we've been coordinating tire changes on all the vehicles in the zone since it's coming up on winter. We're all getting our studded tires put on. It's definitely that time of year. Not much longer before everything is covered in snow for the next 7 months. But for now it's clear and sunny outside.

This week Elder Paul B. Pieper of the Seventy is coming to our Zone Conference. It will be an awesome thing to have a Seventy around again. It's always good to get that boost. Well, Fairbanks is awesome and I'm having a great time here. I can't complain at all. We got kicked out of an apartment complex this week for knocking doors, and we used to tract there a lot, but that's ok. If they kick us out of one place, we'll just move on to the next one. I love this work and I enjoy it everyday. It's all been going so fast and I can imagine it will just get faster and faster. I hope you all are doing great.

Love Elder Squires