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Monday, September 21, 2009

A Heavy Week

That's pretty crazy that 5 new bishops will be called. Hopefully our family will stay in the Palo Verde Ward. That would be weird for wards to change on my mission and then come back and not know anyone. That's awesome that Eric was ordained an Elder on Sunday. I was wondering if he had been ordained yet. That's also awesome that his dad was there for that. I wrote him a letter last week so he should get it soon.

Well, this week has been a really good week. On Monday we played capture the flag as a zone and had a really good time. I used my crappy shoes which was good because it was in dirt, but now my legs hurt really bad and I can't really run. The muscles are still torn. We are playing football as a zone in a about an hour so maybe I will just QB. Speaking of football, I heard BYU lost to FSU. You can't beat a team like Oklahoma and then get crushed by FSU. Normal BYU football it seems like. On Tuesday we contacted a woman named Shawn Lyle. She investigated the church a couple of years ago when there were sister missionaries here. She said she got really close to one of them, but that other ones pressured her too much to get baptized. She said she liked the sisters because she wasn't comfortable having elders in her home. She let us in, though, and we got talking to her, and I think she gained our trust a little bit. her daughter is Eskimo (adopted), and they gave us some Eskimo ice cream, but I can't remember the name. It's fruit mixed with seal oil and then frozen. They made ours with Crisco instead of seal oil, but it was still one of the grossest things I have ever eaten. It was like eating raw Crisco with berries that tasted like dead fish. Then they gave us some dried salmon called ska candy. It wasn't very good either. Natives like really gross things. Anyway, Shawn had concerns about the selecting of modern prophets so we helped her understand the process a little bit, and we are going to see her tomorrow. I think she feels comfortable around us so that's good.

Wednesday we had exchanges with our district leader. Elder Vailea went with our district leader, Elder Powell, and I went with his companion, Elder Patton. He was comps with Elder Norton right before I was, and we both think Elder Norton was awesome. It was a fun day of exchanges in the Willow area. On Thursday we had apartment inspections with th AP's and then interviews with President and Sister Dance. Interviews with President and Sister Dance are always the highlight of my entire transfer. I was a little bummed because they were really short. Usually I talk to each of them for half an hour, and one time I talked with Sister Dance for one hour and 45 minutes. I always look forward to interviews with them because they are both incredibly Christlike, and it just makes you feel awesome after you talk to them. Yesterday after church I ate with a Samoan Family, the Tuisaula's. It was my first time to eat at a Polynesian house. I ate so much food I almost exploded. Sister Tuisaula told me after I was done eating to take a break and rest my stomach, and then get more food, so I did that until I couldn't shove anymore food down and was hurting pretty bad. Then their daughters brought us dessert. Two big pieces of cake and half a plate of ice cream. I spent ten minutes trying to force it down. I feel really fat now haha. I was still feeling that dinner when I woke up this morning. We had an open house that night for nonmembers at the church and that was good. Well, we got two newinvestigators this week and we have hopes for a baptism soon! I will let you know next week how everything goes. Love Mat