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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mat's MTC Experience in Pictures

Mat and the elders in his MTC district.

Mat sent us pictures and a letter just before he left the MTC. Here's an excerpt from his letter: "Hey everyone! It's Monday night and I probably won't send this til tomorrow, but I thought you'd like to see some of my experiences here at the MTC so I'm sending home my memory card. . . The Las Vegas and Atlanta elders both leave early tomorrow morning, so our district will consist of the five Alaska elders for the day. Our district leader appointed me to be the district leader over the Alaska elders because he is going to Vegas early tomorrow morning. I've had a great experience here and I'm really excited and a little nervous to get to Alaska on Wednesday."

And here are a few more of the pictures.

Elder Squires and his MTC companion, Elder Piiparinen.

Mat's district attends the Provo Temple.

About his haircut at the MTC: "I just had the worst haircut of my life."

That's Mat's finger touching Alaska on the map, although we can barely see his head. Looks like they're ready to go!