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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Baptism

Well it's been another great week as usual, and the end of my first transfer in Fairbanks. I can't believe how fast it was. We've been so busy all the time that I've had no time to think about that. Fairbanks is awesome, and it's been pretty warm here this past week. I'll enjoy it as much as I can before the winter rolls in. Fairbanks is one of the coldest spots for the winter because it's in the interior.

Anyway, Chelsey was confirmed on Sunday, and it was great to see her as an official and brand new member. She is so solid, and I am confident that she will remain that way. This weekend Devin will be baptized and confirmed. We are looking forward to that. He has a studio at his house with a drumset, so I got to play it the other day. It was fun. I just carry a pair of drum sticks around with me everywhere in my backpack because I never know when I'll need them. I'm always prepared to jam on the spot. You never know when it'll come in handy.

We're also teaching this guy named Justin. He is a way cool guy, and he's enjoyed coming to church. He got grounded the other day (he just graduated high school) and his mom stole his Book of Mormon, but he said he got it back. We thought that was pretty funny. At a lesson with him yesterday he said that his mom had come home and saw his Book of Mormon and pamphlets out, and asked what all of it was. He said it was his stuff, and she told him that Mormons think black people are of the devil (Justin's black). We just laughed and I told him I love black people and he thought that was pretty funny. He said he told his mom that he's pretty sure we don't because he came to church and everyone was really nice and didn't treat him any different. We cleared that up for him, and told him we don't think black people are the devil and then laughed it off.

Well, I'll be staying here for another transfer with Elder Piiparinen. We fly to Anchorage on Thursday for another Zone Leader Council. It was great last time so I'm looking forward to it. Hope everyone is doing great!

Love Elder Squires