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Monday, November 30, 2009


That's really sad about Bro. Ewell. I remember him driving us everywhere on the Church History tour. He was a really cool guy. Is Sis. Ewell still going to do the church history tours?

That's pretty sweet that I'll get two packages. That will be cool. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't gotten the one sent to the mission office yet. That's pretty sweet about the BYU game! I hadn't heard yet. I probably would have heard if I wasn't in Canada, but people are like only into hockey up here, bunch of weirdos. That is awesome that Drew and Cameron got to see each other. I need to write them.

Well, it's been a pretty good first week in Whitehorse. It's been a really different week as well. It's just a small branch here, and it's weird to be in a branch again. I like branches because there are less people so you get to know all of them really well. Not much has gone on actually. I'm not sure if I told you already, but I got bit by a dog before I left Wasilla. A stupid little dog clamped onto my thigh and I got a hole in my suit pants and some blood got all over. Stupid little thing. I wasn't sure If I told you guys yet or not. So Whitehorse is pretty cool. It hasn't gotten as cold as I heard it would, but It will get there I'm sure. My trainer served here, and he said to expect -55 F. Yay. So this first week here has just been busy with getting to know everyone and just doing the work. The work is really slow here, but hopefully that will change. It kind of stinks to be away from all the other missionaries again. District meetings and zone conferences are over the phone again. It's hard not to see anyone from the mission except your companion for a long time. It is really easy for missionaries to be disobedient here because it's so far away from everyone, and no one from the mission sees what you do. Some things have happened in the past here with missionaries that weren't good. I've heard lots of stuff, but don't worry, I will always be obedient.

Whitehorse is awesome though. It's kinda funny to hear the way people talk here, and see how they act. They are definitely Canadians. There was a Canadian missionary in my MTC district, and I always gave him a really hard time about being from Canada, just messing with him. I'll have to write him. He will think it's hilarious that I'm in Whitehorse after all the grief I gave him. People say stuff here like they did in Fargo, like bag is beg, and flag is fleg, stuff like that. All their vowels sound like they try to sound Irish. There are also a ton of natives here, except you have to call them First Nations, not natives. Speaking of natives, on Thursday we did service at Salvation Army during lunch, and they asked me to say the blessing on the food. There was this crazy first nation walking around, and after I finished with the prayer, I turned around, and he put me in a choke hold from behind, and said "your coming with me," so I wasn't sure if he was just joking and was about to start punching him in the face when he let go and said just kidding. Then he threatened that he had two 9 mm's and was dangerous, which I thought was stupid because no homeless native person can afford that. We also did service at a senior home, and I crushed an old lady at scrabble. Elder Smout said she was really good and always beats them. I defeated her, but she has Alzheimers so I'm not sure if I should take pride in that haha.

Well, Whithorse is definitely going to be a challenge, but I know I will love it here. I'm am doing my best to learn and grow and have the Spirit with me. It's tough to do in an area like this, and I feel empty after the growth I was having in Wasilla, but I guess I just will grow in different ways here. I'm excited to say I'm serving in a foreign country, and after all the making fun of Canada I've done, it figures that I would be serving here. I love you all and in a few weeks we can talk on the phone! Love Mat