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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Army of Helaman

Mat's Palo Verde Ward priests quorum, July 20, 2008. These boys had just graduated from Palo Verde High School and were ordained elders. They are all such handsome young men and have all received and accepted their calls to serve full time missions. Their excellent mothers are my very dear friends, and it's not hard to see why these young men are so prepared!

Left to right: Weston Parker, Manchester England, November 2008; Cameron Brooks, Argentina Buenos Aires West, Spanish, February 2009; Ben Jensen, YM President at the time; Tyler Jaramillo, Hamburg Germany, German, May 2009; Erik Leavell, Los Angeles California, American Sign Language, July 2009; Andrew Ludwig, Argentina Buenos Aires North, Spanish, June 2009; Mat Squires, Anchorage Alaska, May 2009.